My Mum was recently in the States (LA to be exact) and I got her to bring me back some candycorn.

When I was in primary school I had a friend who's mother was American and had lots of family in the States. I remember being at her house and getting sweets, especially candycorn and I couldn't remember what it tasted like except that I loved it. When I found out my Mum was going over, the one thing I asked her to bring me back was some candycorn so I could remember all those fun times we used to have.

I have been saving the last handful for some time (having eaten most of it not long after she sent it down to me), its sitting in the little bag it came in but I cant bring myself to finish it...maybe I will take some home this holidays and let my Mum try a piece or two?


Tough Cookie said...

It's my favorite candy!!!! People think I am nuts!!!! You are my candy corn soulmate!

You are not pathetic, alessea, just human. It's hard to let go of who we once were, but your goal now is to do what is best for you, and that entails honoring your new limitations no matter what anyone else thinks. Your true friends will be there to stay in with you on the days you can't go out.

Jess said...

I always thought candycorn was the stuff that was flavoured lol guess I was wrong! It looks very sugary!