So here we are right in the middle of Brain injury awareness week.
This year the focus is on concussion, something I have had my fair share of experience in-especially the long terms symptoms that sometimes linger for years.

I don't ever recommend trying this out, it really sucks and anything that involves your precious brain cant be good.

Seriously though, I never knew just how complex your brain really was until this year, I mean I had some concept I suppose but until I started studying the parts that make up the brain and the complex functions and then get told that we don't really understand much of how it works, you start to appreciate just how important it is to look after your head.

I'm making it my most important goal (over and above exams and everything) to stop falling and giving myself complex concussions. Realistically this is a bit hard just to start doing, but I'm on track to start sorting out all my balance and vestibular problems and hopefully when we get these sorted, habitual falling will be a thing of the past.