Its been so long since I've posted (Jess will be saying UH HUH) and so much has happened that I've decided to start back up again. I have so much to talk about and sometimes I feel like I burden my friends way too much with all my problems.
I find it so hard sometimes to deal with all that life is throwing at me that I tend to need to talk so much that I wonder if they get sick of me but are too polite to say? I never used to be a talker, in fact someone who knew me say 5 years ago most likely wouldn't take me for the same person! I was so shy and reserved and wouldn't say boo to a goose I was that timid. Now I talk and talk and talk and talk-but all the while feeling guilty about needing to. I still have 'conversations', I'm not that person who takes all the lime light and doesn't let others speak (well at least I don't think I am) but I feel so unnatural needing to talk that I often wish I would just hide everything inside like I used to.

I think my 'need' to talk is one of my coping strategies, the more I am able to share my experiences with others the easier I find I can deal with them and maybe the smaller they seem to be? Talking through things seem to turn them from strange to normal although I don't think they always are! I'm just starting to think that maybe I should try not to talk so much about all the stupid random things that are happening to me, I don't want to lose my friends and just now I'm scared that is going to happen because I'm burdening them too much. My problems shouldn't be their responsibility and maybe thats what I've been turning them into without really realizing it.

Yay for having a blog eh? It will never tell me to stop talking or get sick of me-or at least I hope not!


Jess said...

Welcome back!
Well I can only speak for myself, but I want you know that you certainly are no burden and I will always be here for you to get things off your chest. I think your blog will also be a good outlet as you can just vent and vent, don't worry, it is healthy and you are going through a lot at the moment! I look forward to seeing your sunshiny self emerge again after all these nasty things life has thrown at you go away!

Tough Cookie said...

If they are your true friends and they love you, they won't mind being there for you, sweety. You are not a burden! Those who love you are happy to help. During trying time you tend to find out who your true friends and family are.