I got my hair cut and styled today!

It was long overdue, I haven't had it cut since a hairdresser traumatised me last October by cutting more off than she left on.
I got it straightened at the same time, it made it easier for her to cut it and it looks cute. Just a good few inches off the bottom and then some conservative layering to give it some body and shape, with a sweeping fringe that frames my round face (can you tell I am happy about it?). She was so lovely and caring, made me feel like I could trust her to do what I wanted, she made me feel relaxed which was so good-I haven't felt so relaxed for ages.

The thing that made my day though was my physio lab tutor noticed! He said it looked really nice and that he didn't recognise me when I walked into the room! He also said that I was looking much brighter today, much better than I have been looking for ages-just as well he didn't see me on Wednesday!


Jess said...

Yay!! That's the spirit! Nothing like feeling like a new person huh :-)

Jess said...

oh, and I wanna seeeeeee lol