So many times I hear "its so amazing that you are still here at uni at all, considering whats happened to you..." Why? Do people really give up that easily? I would be throwing up a chance of a lifetime and wasting so much hard work if I packed this all in without at least trying.

Others start telling me that I need to see a shrink cos 'I'm in denial about how sick I am'. Thats not true, for one thing I'm not sick-I have an injury! Ok so it may be a pretty significant injury or collection of injuries but that doesn't mean I'm sick, it just means I have a few barriers to overcome.

Sometimes I get so down when people say that they don't think I should carry on, I start to believe them. I'm so grateful to my band of friends who stick by me and remind me that I can do this, without them I might forget and do something I would regret.
Thank you so much for motivating and having faith in me, it gives me the confidence I need to carry on-because of you I WILL become a physio, some may not be in the usual 4 years but it doesn't matter how long it takes because I will have done it against the odds and all because of you!


Jess said...

Don't listen to ANYBODY who tells you that you can't do something. You can do anything you want to do and you remember that! xxx

Tough Cookie said...

Hey love! RSD is a prgoressive nerve DISEASE, and it is good to understand that in order to successfully manage your symptoms and know when to not push yourself and take it easy. RSD is different for everyone, so you may be able to do much more without terrible consequences, and good for you! Keep on fighting, but also, know when to back off. It doesn't mean you are giving in, it just means you have healthy control over your life and your disease.

Tough Cookie said...

Also, to comment on your post "Getting Stronger," taking medicatin is not a sign of weakness. They are there to help you, and if you have to increase again, so be it. You may even have to change meds, and that's okay too. Whatever it takes for you to manage your disease and increase your quality of life while you are searching for remission. Be open to all options, because something out there will help you. This disease is progressive, and if you can stop the pain response by taking medication, then you can also slow or stop the progression. Keep at it! You are going in the right direction. It took me a long time to realize all of that myself.