Its the last week of class before this years final exams...I have my first (Anatomy) starting on the 15th of October and I will be all done by 1pm on the 4th of November.
I cant quite believe that I am at the end of my second year already, time has gone by so fast and I have to say I am really proud that I have made it to this point. My OT came to see me the end of last week and he said how great it was because at one point we weren't sure that I really would be able to get this far.

I'm scared about my exams but this is ok. Its better to be a bit scared about exams than being too confident (although I was so confident and actually stopped studying for one of my chemistry exams a few years back and ended up getting 98% however that works).

I am studying as much as I am able, though yesterday I freaked a bit and didnt take any breaks apart from lunch so when I finally got home for dinner I was knackered and couldn't do anything more. Today I am going to be more responsible and pace myself a bit.

Oh and I got my second to last assignment back yesterday with a grade of 83.5% (marks ranged from 44-90%)

(hope I dont sound like I'm bragging cos I'm not...its just I feel so happy about it I have to share lol)


RSDsux said...

I am soooo proud of you for everything that you are doing, you're a true inspiration and I mean that ((hugs)).
"Congratulations" on getting such good grades in one of your tests!!
I really hope that the tests next week go well, I am sure everything will be fine - I always get real nervous before my tests also! I had an important math test on Friday and I haven't gotten the results back yet and it's starting to worry me, i'm so impatient lol.
I'm here for you if you need anything
Love, Ali

Lisa Moon said...

That's wonderful, Felicia! Congrats!!! Whoohoo!

And you're not at all bragging! Those of us with RSD/CRPS totally understand what an extra measure of acheivement it is to be in school. You've given me hope that, should I decide to return to school again, that I have a chance at making it through, CRPS and all!

I'm proud of you! Way to go. *hugs*