So after all this injury stuff I'm finding that my body don't like pain. In fact it might just not like pain so much that my nerves have gone crazy in response to pain and for the rest of my life I'm going to have to just live with it.

Ever since a slip down a step I have had these weird things happening with my right foot and leg,
Extreme cold,
Colour change-a lot of the time this is extreme too especially when I cannot elevate it, a lovely purple/grey/blue foot and ankle is very appealing!
A feeling that it is so swollen it might just explode but no real visible swelling.
Loss of balance, I always seem to be falling over it.
Extreme hypersensitivity, I cant bear things touching it, sheets, socks above my ankles and anyone try touch it, the sensation becomes more intense!
My foot tends to look real shiny
And the rare occasions when it is warm it burns like hell, feels like I have it in a pot of boiling water.
Last but not least-INTENSE PAIN!!!!!

Before my hip surgery, RSD was put out there as a possible cause-because of my hip injury, not explained but basically used as an answer to the symptoms. I was told that having my hip fixed was the best thing to do and in the process hopefully my foot and leg symptoms would come right. I have to say that after surgery, my foot did seem to come right to some extent, not completely but the pain etc were certainly less.

Here I am almost 10 months out and after another little fall (you guessed it, involving the same foot) they are all back with a vengence. But now that my hip has been fixed everyone is being more cautious with the RSD label, maybe its circulation ( I know I have poor circulation but I'm sorry that doesn't create one-sided symptoms) something in your spine compressing on a nerve or something (this is potentially fixable but I don't know that I want to go there either) I don't know, all I want is some relief from the pain!

Just now I'm on a vasodilator (for the circulation problem) and so far all its really done is put me in danger of fainting everywhere since it lowers your blood pressure.
And I'm waiting for the ok from the health funding authority for a trial on Gabapentin. Apparently it works on the nerves in some funky way and hopefully the pain will get better. It remains to be seen if it will get subsidised and if I can tolerate it-I really hope I can. Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

When did you get the RSD before your hip surgery or after?

Alessea said...

I got RSD before my hip surgery. They think what was wrong with my hip caused it because it took so long to be diagnosed and fixed. Before surgery several surgeons were hopeful that the hip surgery would cure the rsd, and it did decrease the pain and symptoms a little for a while but it all came back with a vengeance after my little fall on the mini tramp.

If you have any more questions just ask!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply....I'm so sorry to hear about your pain. I hope your hip is doing well now and that the RSD will get better for you. Hopefully science will come up with better treatment for RSD.

Hugs your way