If you look this drug up on medsafe or whatever and look at the long list of side-effects I'm sure many people would be put off (I know of people who were put off). I mean, after talking to a few people who knew someone who'd taken this drug-every one of them told me they would never take it after seeing what effects it had on people.

I was determined to still give it a go-I mean if it has that affect on me then I can always stop taking it, but I HAD to give it a try-I was driving myself crazy with the pain and if this was an option then I was giving it a go.

Apparently it makes people loopy, they feel like they don't have their head on and say strange things don't know what they are doing and cant function-well all I can to that is "welcome to my world" I'm like that all the time, without meds-it's what the bang on the head did!

I have now been taking it for a week, building up the dosage daily and have been taking full dose for 3 going on 4 days. I am daring to hope that it is making a difference already! Although my foot still looks about the same and its still frozen if I touch it-it is not bothering me nearly so much, I can actually concentrate for some length in lectures without my foot consuming my thoughts. And the part of my thigh that had turned supersensitive-well I am happy to say I can actually were my trousers without always having to make sure the fabric is not touching. Boy this is exciting.

The only not quite exciting parts are that I have to take 2 capsules 3x day and I get one of the side effects.
The first lot that I take in the morning make me awful dizzy-like I cant stand upright dizzy, I sway in the breeze and cant hold my head up. Make study go into the too hard basket, I have been trying to write up notes and its funny how hard it is to get any work done. Its only if I eat as well though...if I dont eat then I don't get dizzy, I tried eating an hour after but then I still got dizzy but if I dont eat at all then I dont get dizzy (I just faint because I need to eat) After I have taken the next lot I am fine so this is rather strange. I'm hoping it goes away when I have got used to the drugs in my system.

On Monday I did a little whoopsee, I hadn't realised how dizzy I was and was going down the marble steps out of our lecture theatre and fell/fainted down a handful-all I can say is thank God it wasn't near the top and that there were students around who knew what to do!