....and my first blog.

What am I thinking? Thats what this is for right? I don't know where to start, I have so many things I could say, so many things have happened before today that have changed my way of life. I will leave them for another time.

Today is a new beginning; the start of good things to come-I hope.
I am on a journey like I said in my profile, I want to prove that I can reach my goals-so what are my goals you say? Good question! Just now I have a few I can think of, some small, some not so small.

Small - be able to cut my toe nails on my right foot (and maybe a little nail varnish would be nice?)
-get my proper gait back, I had only just celebrated reaching a normal walking gait and now find myself with my waddle gait again (more on this in another post)

Not so small - pass this pre-med year well enough to apply for physio school.
This has a few hurdles to jump:
1 - pass all first semester papers (above the specified grades)
2 - pass the funky pre-med exam (above the required percentile)
3 - pass all second semester papers (again, above the specified grades)
4 - qualify for an interview (having successfully done the above)
5 - impress people in the interview enough to be offered a place

Piece of cake!?
I have passed hurdle 1, YAY! my first semester grades are well above whats required. Just 4 more hurdles to go and I should be in, Its going to be a tough semester.