Hip surgery 3 years on...

Its hard to believe it was 3 years ago today I had my surgery, 3 years is not that long but seems like forever when I think about what has taken place since. And now my open hip surgery for labral pathology and FAI has now become an arthroscopic procedure that my surgeon performs (and Jess knows that only too well lol).

I can still remember waking up early that morning and eating fruit salad for breakfast before my NPO status started, still remember the butterfly feeling being driven to the hospital and all the nurses questions and conversation and everything, still remember my relief when my surgeon assured me I wouldnt need a catheter (though this turn out to be false hope lol)...I think the whole thing made quite an impression on me-it was after all my first ever surgery and was a big deal.
Back then I had goals that included things as simple as being able to tie my own shoe laces again and cut my toenails myself, and slighter harder ones that included being able to walk and then finally run. I celebrated the day I could put my socks on, shoes on, tie my laces, paint my toenails, walk without any crutches (finally), dance, ride my bicycle and a whole heap of other things too but one thing I have never really got on board is the running thing-and for a while now I've kinda thought of it as not important anymore. CRPS has kinda changed priorities in that regard.

But 3 years on, my hip is pretty damn good. It flexes (sometimes past 90 degrees if I work on it...yes yes I know bad bad physio student), it externally rotates to the envy of all in my little ballet class, and its not the body part limiting my walking any more lol. And gasp gasp, in just the last few days I've finally been able to lay on that side without it protesting (but to be truthful I think that is more limited by the crps pain from the incision site).
Its been an interesting teaching tool for my classmates at times due to the limited range and grinding sounds it makes and if the last imaging I had done is anything to go by I'm headed for an early hip replacement. But I dont care lol, at least I'm walking now and apart from the bolts of pain I get from stupid positions... its perfect...

So I think I'm going to say "Happy birthday" born again hip!