One down, three to go...
Practical exam went quite smoothly considering the rough patch I am going through. Not expecting amazing marks or anything but I consider my performance solid enough to warrant a pass-time will tell of course!
I'm getting through study slowly but surely, combining study group sessions with study at home limiting my internet use (it is my weakness and a very good way to procrastinate). And of course I'm looking ahead, reminding myself that this too will pass, the 6th of November isn't that far away and with that will come my last exam for this year. We are getting passed the worrisome inability to write for any length of time but applying for use of a computer, fingers crossed I will hear in the next day or two whether its been granted.

Onto other things, I have an MRI of my knee this Thursday to see whether its miniscal tear or bone bruise or what, I'm hoping it comes up with some diagnosis anyway because just now with the inevitable crps involvement its almost impossible to figure out what is injury related and what is my body's 'normal' response. And "as an aside" (the specialist dr's exact words) I'm having a bone scan on Wednesday morning because of my recent radial fracture, the fact my knee x-ray showed possible bone thinning (and my low bmi also was/is a concern). Like I need to know I have more issues to deal with. I'm just hoping it was the x-ray exposure rather than anything wrong with my bones. But the good thing about all this is its being done private so I dont have to wait, ACC to pay for the MRI, and a drug company is paying for the bone scan-lucky me!
I'm also seeing the hand therapist on Thursday, she has just been to a conference and said she has some good ideas so I'm excited to hear what they might be, I'm working with what I got but any extra ideas are certainly welcome!
All this while continuing to study for exams and continuing to work with my scheduled eating plan. Which I am so happy to say I have finally made a move in the right direction! My weight was 0.9kg more than it was 4 weeks ago and I am sure this is due to the addition of the antinausea/increased gastric motility meds. Less puking (though not completely stopped), and not so much really intense nausea-really helps in the eating department.

So hows that for a lot of good news! Bring on Summer break though I say, I really am exhausted and need some time to rest and recuperate.


SailLttleboat07 said...

Good Luck with the rest of your exams! I am sure you will do great!
Just think you have your summer break and some much needed time to relax!
It is starting to get cold here... snowed a bit last week!
Stay Strong

Caf said...

Woot Woot!! Good luck for your exams and SUPERCONGRATSALOT on getting through a year of study despite your setbacks. You deserved a lounge chair in the sun & a cocktail waiter for the afternoon for that ;P

Tough Cookie said...

Good luck with your exams! You are almost done!