Its been awhile since I updated on here, that’s because I’m about to rush head on into finals (2 weeks left of class and then right into them).
Things haven’t been amazing in a few areas to the point I’ve been musing on giving up…I never would I promise! But sometimes the thought that it would be the easiest thing to do crosses my mind.
I am frustrated with how things are going, I’m behind in study but kinda lost motivation at the same time, every thing seemed just way too hard. I usually write screeds, that’s how I study and I cant write much at the moment. But I started over the weekend (baby steps) so now I feel like I have a plan and things look more achievable or at least attemptable lol.

My cast came off last Wednesday which caused a little bit of excitement (for the nurses NOT me), the vibrating cutter thing caused so much unexpected pain I passed out. Very embarrassing! But the spin off from this is I have crps in my arm to my shoulder although we are NOT going to let it settle I have promised myself that. I was referred to hand therapy and the lady is lovely and said that if things had been straight forward she would have let me manage my own rehab but since I’ve got symptoms its best we keep an eye on things (I was relieved to hear this). I’ve got colour changes, temp differences, burning, allodynia, and the all too familiar pain BUT as I said, its not going to settle, this is going to go away…
So, its causing more issues than when I had the cast on, clinical placement has been tricky with me being sent home 2 out of 3 days due to looking and feeling like I was going to faint. The funky arm involvement has caused lovely flaring in my legs and the combo has increase the nausea etc. Joy of joys. I’ve emailed my crps physio though in the hopes that she will come up with some ideas that I haven’t thought of. I’ve been mirroring my hand exercises because doing them on their own just flares everything up. And I am asking about best TENS placement and whether it’s a good idea to try.
I need to sleep! The burning and allodynia gets so bad at night I cant find a comfortable position that keeps both legs and arm relatively happy.

I’m finally on some antinausea meds though (and am going to retry also the reflux ones with them) and are starting to make me feel slightly better, not amazing but at least in the right direction. I’ve yet to actually put on some weight and the last weigh in I had continued to go in the wrong direction which I have to admit is now worrying more than just the people around me (it’s actually worrying me, shhhh)

Oh and just to complete things, when I fell and broke my wrist its possible I tore the meniscus in my left knee at the same time so I’m in the process of getting that checked out…x-rays and specialist referrals because its not just pain, its locking and giving way on me several times a day so now I have 2 legs that can shove me on the floor-nice!


Dave Schultz said...

Don't know how you do it.

All the best,

Lisa Moon said...

Ooh, sweetie... even though we've chatted a bit about some of this, just wanted to let you know I'm still out here, hanging in as best I can with the changes re: work, etc.

You're always in my thoughts, Lil Sis!

Love and Hugs and No-Pain Wishes!


Caf said...

Extra pain and problems on top of what you are already dealing with are so not needed! I'm sorry to read that you're arm is acting up in a CRPS manner, I really hope that it calms down too. Sending hugs and wishing you all the best as you fight through this xxoo