Ok, so a little summary of my trip away. The plane ride over was ok, but I felt it more in the morning as I had to get my bags down 2 flights of stairs, silly me declined the offer of help from a young man. The 8 hour train ride to Armidale was ok too as I didnt have anyone sitting beside me so I was able to rest my legs up for most of the trip.
The first few days I spent in Armidale where my friend is studying, it was the 'restful' part of the trip, we did venture out and went on a heritage tour as well as a shopping trip and she gave me a guided tour of the university. But there was plenty of time for resting up, so much that I even read a whole book (something I haven't done for I dont know how long). She was in charge of all meals so I really didnt have to do much at all!

Then we took the train (another 8 hours and this time no chance of putting my feet up) back to Sydney to spend the rest of my holiday to get a taste of what Sydney has to offer. We were lucky enough to be able to stay in her friends appartment which was really nice.

We did rather a lot in the 4 days we had, maybe a little too much for me but I didnt want to waste the time so I braved it out. We did mammoth amounts of walking and there were a few moments where I just had to sit down and we had to find somewhere with seats. There was no chance of sitting on the pavement because there were just so many people walking everywhere. Each night as we headed back to the appartment for tea I was on my last legs so dinner was always simple and we got in our jamas and watched movies before going to sleep.
The weather was lovely most of the time, much warmer than it had been at home and a couple of days it was even just t-shirt weather.
I did have a lot of fun and we are already plotting places to go and visit (and shops too) which we didnt have time for but have decided we need to be earning and have plenty of money to spend lo (but even without much money this time I managed a fair bit of shopping)l!
Once I got home (thank you Mum for picking me up at the airport in the middle of the night), it took me a bit to get over the over activity of the week away but we pay the price of having fun and it was worth it. Waiting for the heritage tour to start in Armidale

With the Sydney harbour bridge in the background, it was warm enough for short sleeves

One of my much needed sit down breaks and refueling (I had a strawberry blended ice which was yummy!)

Another sunny day having fun on the way to Darling Harbour

Indulging, we had our nails done one morning


Kate said...

It looks like you had a great time in Sydney!

I don't know if I've introduced myself, but I'm Kate and I live in Newcastle, NSW. I'm a mum of four and have had RSD/CRPS for almost nine years. It affects my right arm and right leg.

I love to read other RSDers blogs so I'm glad I found yours! You're welcome to have a squizz at mine, too. x