Holiday adventures should be the first post but I haven't got them all written up so instead I've got some dr appointment news to share.
I've been issued with a few things I MUST do (uh things I kinda knew I should be doing but have been a little slack with)
1-Try and take at least one salmon oil capsule a day despite how sick I feel (had been taking 4)
2-Make sure I take magnesium every day (should help the crappy distorting cramp things)
3-use the lignocaine cream twice a day (not the every now and then I have been doing to save it)
4-NO more falls

I got offered another peripheral nerve injection but it didnt do much good last time and I dont know what my hesitation is but I just dont feel 100% so I said no, I even said to them I didnt know why except that it didnt help much last time and they were fine with it but I still felt like I didnt have a good enough reason to say no.

I saw my physio this morning and its always good to see her because we get an hour to really discus things.
One of the first things she asked me was how much weight had I lost! I dont even know as I haven't weighed myself but its not that much I'm sure.
I had another random, extreme, double over in waves of pain, sweat bucket loads and feel like I'm going to pass out episodes a couple of days ago. Dr once again goes through the process of suspecting appendicitis (which I said it wasnt going to be), it was different from last time and several theories were suggested, bloods were done (which showed an elevated white count but later attributed to a cold I had over a week ago) but for now I'm to just monitor how things go.
Physio is pretty sure its all crps related, preceded by bad eating habits and stress. Apparently my stomach and GI tract are reacting to normal stimuli (ie food) and stretch and is so sensitive because I've basically been starving myself (not intenionally) so now I just feel very ill and nauseated all the time. So instead of the usual physio catch up session I had a nutrition lesson. A meal planner has been drawn up and step by step how to build up to eating 6 meals a day and what should be included in each one. I am not looking forward to all the work planning lists of choices but if this is what I have to do to start feeling better then I'm going to try my best. I am going to have to really plan this well so that I know what to buy at the supermarket each week or its not going to work and I need this to work.

We really didnt touch on how things have been going crps wise in other directions because she said the most important thing right now is to get me back on track or else nothing is going to change regardless of what we do. She did make me feel a bit better by saying that I'm doing really well and that because I'm in such a physically demanding course that its helping keep me going. Despite the times like I told her when I really don't want to eve stand up, I do because I have to...I realise even though I felt like I had lost my motivation-if I had, I wouldn't have carried on so I know I'm going back to physio school on Monday and I know I can do this. She also said not to let people make me feel like I have to prove anything, I can do this just as well as anybody and passing all my exams from last semester (apart from the one I have yet to sit) shows that. Another thing for me to keep in mind.

So for now I'm just going to focus on the things I can change, like my eating habits (or lack of) and following the pain specialists instructions more closely because if I dont do my part how can I expect change?


Nicola said...

Big hugs for Monday - take it slowly and I hope it goes ok for you xox I have a bit of experience with stomach/bowl problems and have had good results in the past from Aloe Vera juice (you can get a AloeDigest form which I find best) and Inner Health Plus - the good bacteria capsules. Also if you don't like the juice you can get it in caps too :) I hope you had a good holiday! Thanks for replying to my msg re the screws - it helped and a reply from me is on it's way to you :) Keep smiling & stay strong xox

Tough Cookie said...

Good luck going back to school! I go back in a month myself, and I am soooo nervous :-( I haven't figured out a pain management regime that works yet.

Lisa Moon said...

Still catching up here...

Why have an injection if it didn't help much last time? There's no reason so doubt yourself here - you're the only one who truly can tell how much it helped or did not and whether or not it's worth repeating!

Your physio sounds great; I'm glad about the menu planning ideas but agree it will take some real determination to do your part. However, I KNOW you can do it - witness your exams success!

I have had those episodes where you describe the sweating, waves of pain, gonna pass out feeling. UGH. Usually now it's when I've missed a dose of crucial meds, fortunately... and not as often otherwise. When it does happen, ohh!

Interestingly, that was also the reaction I had the day after my first (and to date, only) lumbar nerve blockade! The clinic doc said that was not normal reaction and maybe I was getting a GI bug - did I have diarrhea? Um, NO, actually. It WAS the block; others I've spoken with have had similar reactions, especially much nausea.

My point, while long and rambling, was to trust your instincts here, I believe. :)

Just keep plugging away. That is what we all must continue to do. Notice how we somehow seem to manage to accomplish so much, despite such terrific odds?!