How I wish that I could stop feeling sick. Nausea sucks...

nausea+random pain+crps pain+exam stress=too much.

I'm being worn down by having to deal with all this, despite the fact I have actively stopped stressing about exams, I know subconsciously I still am. But I have been through exams with crps before and I didn't make myself physically sick so I'm inclined to think that there is more going on.
Also the nausea started over a month ago, way before even the hint of exam pressure was dawning.

I feel worse once I have eaten, which is making life difficult as you cant just stop eating (or at least I cant afford to).

I have figured out that a piece of toast in the morning (minus the bottom crust) and a glass of juice to take my meds, will stay down. Any more and I have trouble stopping it come back up. Lunch time I can eat a few crackers and an apple or a yoghurt if I'm lucky...
Dinner mostly I'm eating almost 2/3rds of what I had been and feel pretty sick but can keep it down if I stay still.
If I try eating any more than that then watch out my stomach will not like it and it wont stay down.
I'm sipping water throughout the day so I'm keeping hydrated.

Last night I had a piece of chocolate cake a bit after dinner and boy did I regret it afterwards but it did taste nice :)

I'm not sleeping due to the tummy pain and nausea, feeling pretty tired due to the lack of sleep, end of semester and probably lack of food.
Starting to get pretty upset with myself because I'm not able to spend the time I know I should be and need to studying. I have to lay curled up a lot because that's the best position to keep from puking and you cant study like that (not when you feel rotten anyway).

I'm starting to notice subtle signs that I'm losing weight, which is something I am very aware I need to stop because I don't have reserves to loose.
A friend suggested I just become anorexic to solve the problem!!!which is terrible advice, there is no way I can afford to even get myself into that way of thinking.

I have a Dr's appointment tomorrow to get a medical certificate to go with my special consideration application and I really hope that this guy will be able to suggest something to help me feel better.
Because its been suggest this is related to crps I don't really know what to think about it. I cant wait for my pain specialist appointment next month to ask him his opinion, because I guess he is my specialist and will hopefully give me some direction on what could be going on. I don't like the thought this actually could be crps, I don't deal well with nausea and if I cant get it under control there is no way I am going to be able to get through the rest of the year with clinical placements etc. I just don't see it possible...crps is hard enough without adding daily nausea to it.

I'm just so tired of no relief and no end in sight, what could possibly be causing all this to be happening?


Anonymous said...

Hope your exam went well today despite the snow. At least living on the flat you could make it to uni, whilst i'm stuck in the hill suburbs watching more fall...

And I HATE snow.

Supposed to see crazy pain specialist this afternoon...if I can get down the damned hill to the hospital.

Hang in there Butterfly,
I'll talk to you later...
Out of cell credit, and guess who can't even get to the dairy to top it up!!!
Crazy snow weather is making my pain spike, so have MILIONS of layers on,
Guess I'm gonna miss my massage too.

CRAP!!! Was so looking forward to that.

Love you
Talk Later!!

Caf said...

Hey gorgeous, just been catching up on your blog after too long away...sorry you are feeling so sick!! I am nauseous every day, it is the most frustrating thing ever. I don't remember what it's like to actually feel hungry and feel like eating not just be forcing it down! Hope you feel better soon and wishing you all the best for your exams, you are a super tough cookie just for taking them on!! xx

Anonymous said...

Hi I keep getting very much the same problems as you. When I get up my tum is allmost flat but I am all ways awear of it being there. After eating it bloats up even just a little bit like an bannana. I suffer with IBS but I had this before RSD. I feel sick all of a sudden I have bean sick a few times. Sometimes my tum looks like I am pregant. My doc says it is the side affects of tabelts but I am not so sure. Like you I stop eating as I feel better without food. I stoped white bread to help it did help a pain is just above my navel then it works down to cover the whole tum.I feel better if I can move about more. heres hoping you feel a bit better.
LOve Gill