As promised...Jo's 'Labour of love' and a reflection to go with each one. There are 5 in total that I will ramble about over the next wee while. These mean a lot to me and I know that each time I set eyes on them I will be reminded of her friendship and also of who I am, in her eyes at least.

"If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say this to a Mulberry tree, 'be uprooted and planted in the sea' and it will obey you" Luke 17:6

Reminds me of that song by John Hiatt just now and I think we need to remember to have some faith in ourselves too (or at least I do).

Faith defines so much of who we are and I'm not just talking about religious faith, although that does come into being for a lot of people (including me).

Faith is being confident, trusting in something, someone. Faith is knowing, faith is believing...

Faith is what we need to hold on to, despite the world crumbing around us, despite everything we know or understand disappearing.

Faith is something dear to hold in your heart, something you know without knowing if that makes sense.

Our faith needs to be strong, to help us to see in the dark. When we need a hand to hold onto, faith reaches out.

Faith is the seed in our soul that grows into beautiful things, fills our eyes with brightness and hopefully never falters.

Faith makes all things possible, faith has no limits...

Share in my faith and shine with overflowing goodness. Stand tall and have faith in who you are, believe in yourself, each and everyone of you help keep my faith strong and together we will move mountains.