...well I dont think it was such a good idea-I hurt my shoulder.

After about 2 weeks I gave in to my friends and went to get my shoulder checked out. I mean it wasn't too bad, I just couldn't wash or do my hair, get dressed properly, or write at all (and I was seriously swearing, something I do not do-no not too bad at all...)

Anyway trying seeing doctors here is almost pointless as you have to wait a least a week-sometimes two so I went back to the physio school clinic. I love Sue, she is the amazing lady at the desk and knows me quite well now so I went in to talk to her and see what she thought I should do, umm well she thought I should be seen pronto and gave me an appointment that afternoon with a postgrad student under Steve's watchful eye (inward groan from me).

Turned out I had damaged some of the nerves around my cervical spine which they were a bit concerned about and because of my complicated history I spent over an hour and needed to go back in the morning to continue the eval. as they hadn't even got around to seeing if I had really done anything to my shoulder or if it was just referred pain.
Well after 3 more than hour long appointments it was decided that I had damaged the nerves and just to be careful and let them settle and that it was possible that I had also damaged my shoulder in some way. I had my final exams and was supposed to be studying for them so I said I had no time for physio over the next 3 weeks and I would come back then to see what was going to be our plan of attack...( I am a bad person, I would have told someone off for doing this but I am a stuborn person and my exams took priority).

So after my exams (by the way my shoulder made me cry several times through these as it is sooooo painful) I went back to see Steve and this is where we are at:
Yes my shoulder hurts....
Yes I have damaged it somehow...
Ok so just now we are thinking damaged tendons, one possibly 2 (I think this turns into rotator cuff tears)
Maybe a torn labrum (yes you have them in your shoulder too) but hopefully not.
Need an ultrasound to check out what is going on.
He gave me 3 exercises to do in the meantime and I have to say that for the first time I am a slacker...they make it even more painful, doesn't seem to matter when I do them and so I am not doing them religiously as I did for my hip. He did say not to do one of them if it made it worse but right now I know that the other 2 are making it worse too so I am not keeping up as I should be.

I am going home tomorrow-my Dad is on his way down right now and then he is driving me back home tomorrow, I am so excited!

And Steve and my home doc have got together and on Tuesday I have an ultrasound and x-ray appointment all set up ready to see if we cant find out what is going on inside this naughty shoulder of mine.

Ok so it is positively screaming at me for having done all this typing-it is sure not a happy joint right now...