It has been 3 weeks since my last exam and I still haven’t got all my results back. My second to last exam result has been available for half of that time but nothing of the other 3 yet - I call that shocking!

I have been checking once or twice a day (ok maybe more like 4-5 times) and every time I do I get butterflies as I scroll down the page to see second semester papers, and every time I am disappointed, enough already – I don’t care how bad they are, I just want to know!
I am waiting on biochemistry, human body systems and human development. Epidemiology results are out and considering how badly I did in the mid semester exam I was surprised and relieved with the result I achieved, I made some serious comeback in the final exam apparently!

It was the exam I found the hardest and even though I got an extra 20 min (bringing it to a total 2 hr 20min exam) I still struggled to finish the whole paper in time. Considering I thought it would be my worst result and then got a B+ (76%) I am worried that it wasn’t my worst exam after all. I was only hoping on getting B+’s in my best exams…I don’t really know what to think and I am getting impatient about having to wait and wait and wait!!!!!!!!!