I am determined to get back in the saddle and write more regular posts on this blog... I always intended this to be my thinking space (so does this mean I haven't been thinking for the last few months? possibly...)

I have been pre-occupied with many things lately, starting clinical rotations... moving house... missing so many people... health 'stuff'

But just now I am on a high... finishing your first clinical rotation with such a good result can do that :) and if I can help it this new found feeling is going to stay with me for the remainder of the year!

Over the last 6 weeks I was taught how to have confidence in myself! I'm still in the early stages of this learning curve but my supervisors have started me off with a bit more self belief and it makes a big difference. I just need to find out how to nurture it and make it grow because I still have a ways to go.

Right now I am only looking forward, life feels so sweet just now and I hope I can keep hold of this feeling... I CAN do this, I just proved it by doing so well. I AM going to be graduating in December with my class I can almost taste it... no more me saying IF I graduate. I passed musculoskeletal (the area I find the hardest) so nothing is going to stop me continuing to do well in all the other placements... I just have to continue to believe in myself!


Rellacafa said...

It's so excellent to read that you are doing so well!! Thanks for sharing the positivity and WELL DONE on completing your clinical rotation! :) xx